Shipping? Never been so easy!

Shipping? Never been so easy!

Looking for a reliable post office in Rome to send gifts to your friends back home? Trastevere Solution Services got what you need!

TSS uses the international system of mail offered by TNT, one of the best delivery services worldwide. Shipping a parcel might sound complicated and expensive, especially when it comes to doing it from Italy to abroad. However, it is easier than expected, thanks to the clear and few rules TNT explains in order to mail a parcel the right way! Shipping will become a fun and fast adventure, finally!

"1. Where do you want  to deliver your parcel?

Specify where TNT will pick up you parcel and where to deliver it. In both cases, TSS team will help you out to figure out the best solution for your specific case.

Further information about TNT conditions

2. What do you want to deliver?

You need to specify the size, weight, and packing material of your parcel. TNT offers a variety of services that allow you to mail basically everything you want, with some exceptions. Make sure you read carefully the items considered dangerous to mail and the right packing conditions as well.

3. Choose the delivery speed

According to the addressor and the destination, TNT might have different delivery services with different times of mail. However, TNT usually has the fastest and cheapest way of delivery compared to the average time/cost of the official Italian Poste Italiane system.

Further information about TNT services and prices

4. Book your shipping!

You can choose the timeframe you prefer us to pick up your parcel and email or call us anytime to notify us about your mail.

Book a pick-up point!

5. Check everything and pay

When your parcel is on shipping, you can track it constantly by using the online tracking available on TNT app. If you do not have a TNT account, you will be emailed with the receipt when your parcel arrives to destination.

TNT Online Tracking